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  1. Aquarapid Boy's Bat Trunks - Black/Multi
    Our Price €17.74 MSRP €28.39
  2. Aquarapid Boy's Seamless Dragon Trunks - Red/Black
    Our Price €17.74 MSRP €28.39
  3. Aquarapid Boy's Bat Brief - Black/Multi
    Our Price €16.56 MSRP €24.84
  4. Aquarapid Boy's Panda Trunk - Black/Multi
    Our Price €22.48 MSRP €33.13
  5. Aquarapid Girl's Dragonfly One Piece Swimsuit - Black/Multi
    Our Price €22.48 MSRP €37.86
  6. Aquarapid Girl's Dragonfly Sirio Swimsuit - Black/Multi
    Our Price €28.39 MSRP €48.51
  7. Aquarapid Girls Sirio Bugs Swimsuit
    Our Price €24.84 MSRP €36.68
  8. Aquarapid Womens Sirio Bugs Swimsuit
    Our Price €29.58 MSRP €42.60
  9. Aquarapid Girls Sirio Circles Swimsuit
    Our Price €24.84 MSRP €36.68
  10. Aquarapid Girls Sirio Alphabet Foiled Swimsuit
    Our Price €24.84 MSRP €36.68
  11. Aquarapid Girls Octopus Foiled Swimsuit
    Our Price €29.58 MSRP €42.60
  12. Aquarapid Girls Geometric Swimsuit
    Our Price €26.03 MSRP €36.68
  13. Aquarapid Mens Telephone Trunk
    Our Price €26.03 MSRP €37.86
  14. Aquarapid Mens Circuit Brief
    Our Price €14.19 MSRP €27.21
  15. Aquarapid Mens Tattoo Brief
    Our Price €14.19 MSRP €27.21
  16. Aquarapid Boys Tattoo Brief
    Our Price €11.82 MSRP €21.29
  17. Aquarapid Boys Circuit Brief
    Our Price €11.82 MSRP €21.29
  18. Aquarapid Boys Onyx Brief
    Our Price €11.82 MSRP €21.29
  19. Aquarapid Boys Purple Brief
    Our Price €10.64 MSRP €21.29
  20. Aquarapid Boys Yellow Brief
    Our Price €11.82 MSRP €21.29
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Topswim Training Swimwear

For over 50 years, Aquarapid has been producing innovative swimwear from Italy. ‘Topswim’ is the brand’s latest collection of elite training swimwear. It differs from other Aquarapid training swimsuits, as the Topswim range has been developed with design input from the Aquarapid champions!

Aquarapid have included a host of great features into the Topswim range. It is constructed with 100% polyester which makes the swimsuits completely chlorine proof and highly durable. The Italian fabric is extremely breathable and provides a two-way stretch for comfort and flexibility during your swim. Topswim swimsuits also have an excellent shape retention, so you can train hard in the pool over and over again.

Alongside the excellent performance features and construction, the Aquarapid Topswim range is equipped with fun and vibrant designs. Topswim provides great performance in the pool and a striking image outside of the pool with fresh designs across each of the swimsuits!

The Aquarapid Topswim collection offers high quality training swimwear for all ages, with jammers, briefs and trunks for men and boys or women’s and girls swimming costumes and bikinis. If you’re looking to take your swim training to another level, the Topswim collection from Aquarapid offers great technical detail for your swimming preparation.    

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