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  1. Phelps Comp Solid 14cm Briefs - Red
    Our Price €8.27 MSRP €35.50
  2. Phelps Comp Solid 14cm Briefs - Navy Blue
    Our Price €8.27 MSRP €35.50
  3. Phelps Sushi 14cm Briefs - Multi
    Our Price €10.64 MSRP €37.86
  4. Phelps Trafic Brief - Multi
    Our Price €14.19 MSRP €37.86
  5. Phelps Comp Solid 14cm Briefs - Royal Blue
    Our Price €8.27 MSRP €35.50
  6. TYR Boy's Phoenix Splice Racer Briefs - Black/ Green
    Our Price €15.37 MSRP €33.13
  7. Akron Ivy Swim Briefs
    Our Price €21.29 MSRP €34.90
  8. Akron Candy Swim Briefs
    Our Price €21.29 MSRP €34.90
  9. Speedo Rainbow Ripple 17cm Brief - White/ Blue/ Lime/ Orchid
    Our Price €28.39 MSRP €30.17
  10. Jaked Wild Briefs - Lime Green
    Our Price €26.03 MSRP €30.76
  11. Speedo Geo Stripe 17CM Brief - Nordic Teal/ Adriatic/ Fluo Yellow
    Our Price €27.21 MSRP €30.17
  12. TYR Boy's Durafast Solid Racer Briefs - Black
    Our Price €11.82 MSRP €27.21
  13. Dolfin Graphlite Thunder Racer - Blue
    Our Price €17.74 MSRP €47.33
  14. Dolfin Graphlite Thunder Racer - Red/ White/ Blue
    Our Price €17.74 MSRP €47.33
  15. Dolfin Reliance Trax All-Over Racer - Red
    Our Price €13.01 MSRP €39.05
  16. Dolfin Reliance Trax All-Over Racer - Blue
    Our Price €13.01 MSRP €39.05
  17. Akron Save The Turtle Brief
    Our Price €21.29 MSRP €37.86
  18. Akron Save The Shark Brief
    Our Price €23.66 MSRP €52.66
  19. Akron Save The Panda Brief
    Our Price €21.29 MSRP €37.86
  20. Akron Save The Fish Brief
    Our Price €21.29 MSRP €37.86
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Boy's swimming briefs are one of the most popular styles of junior swimsuit around. Briefs are generally in the classic "Speedo" style with a high rounded leg, minimal coverage and an internal drawstring to keep everything secure. Swim briefs are now considered the 'traditional' style of male swimsuit, becoming popular in the 1960's and reaching global recognition with 'Speedo' became a popular household name.

Swimming briefs are made from a range of materials including standard Lycra, Xtra Life Lycra, PBT, or Polyester and we offer a range of styles in each type of fabric. PBT/Polyester is known to be the longest-lasting material, whereas traditional Lycra is the most comfortable and has the most versatile fit. If you're looking for a balance between comfort/soft feel and a long-lasting swimsuit then Xtra-Life-Lycra is a good choice for you.

Our designs range from serious competitive swim briefs, right through to the most fun and colourful, wacky swimming briefs you could imagine. There's something for all tastes and budgets amongst the range of hundreds of boys swim briefs so don't delay, start shopping today!

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