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  1. AMANZI Boy's Fuzion Jammer
    Our Price €35.49 MSRP €41.40
  2. AMANZI Boy's Excalibur Jammer
    Our Price €35.49 MSRP €41.40
  3. AMANZI Boy's Axelrod Jammer
    Our Price €35.49 MSRP €41.40
  4. AMANZI Boy's Stardust Jammer
    Our Price €35.49 MSRP €41.40
  5. Amanzi Boy's Azure Jammers - Blue
    Our Price €26.02
  6. Speedo Medley Logo Jammer - Black/ Atomic Lime
    Our Price €34.30
  7. TYR Blackout Camo Jammer - Black
    Our Price €46.14
  8. Phelps Arkos Jammer - Black/White
    Our Price €14.19 MSRP €42.59
  9. Phelps Arkos Jammer - Navy/White
    Our Price €14.19 MSRP €42.59
  10. Phelps Leyo Jammer - Black/Red
    Our Price €15.37 MSRP €53.24
  11. Phelps Leyo Jammer - Black/Dark Grey
    Our Price €18.92 MSRP €53.24
  12. Phelps Boys Comp Solid Jammer - Black
    Our Price €13.00 MSRP €42.59
  13. Phelps Comp Solid 14cm Briefs - Red
    Our Price €8.27 MSRP €35.49
  14. Phelps Comp Solid 14cm Briefs - Navy Blue
    Our Price €8.27 MSRP €35.49
  15. Phelps Sushi 14cm Briefs - Multi
    Our Price €10.64 MSRP €37.85
  16. Phelps Trafic Brief - Multi
    Our Price €14.19 MSRP €37.85
  17. Phelps Sushi Jammer - Multi
    Our Price €17.74 MSRP €42.59
  18. Phelps Comp Solid Jammer - Navy Blue
    Our Price €13.00 MSRP €42.59
  19. Phelps Comp Solid Jammer - Red
    Our Price €13.00 MSRP €42.59
  20. Phelps Dragon Jammer - Black/Multi
    Our Price €17.74 MSRP €42.59
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This is the place to find ousoft and comfortable swimwear for boys. When we say 'Leisure Swimwear' we're talking about suits that are perfectly suited to splashing about having fun at the pool or going on a family holiday. That doesn't mean they can't be used for training or fitness, it just means that they're great for fun and comfort. You're likely to find all of our most comfortable and colourful boys swimwear in this section.

Most of the boys swimming costumes in this section are ideal for casual use. Some are primarily made from traditional Lycra or Spandex materials. Lycra is soft to the touch and has excellent stretch properties, giving a perfect fit for a variety of body shapes and types. Some options are made from Xtra Life Lycra, a treated form of Lycra which balances comfort with performance and longevity. Others are made from PBT/Polyester, giving the maximum lifespan for any of our swimwear materials.

You'll find boys swim shorts, jammers, briefs and swimming trunks in abundance. There's an amazing choice of hundreds of styles, colours, prints with options to fit all budgets. Boys swimwear sizes range from 1y to 16y (or 24-28) there's something for everyone. Find your new swim trunks, swimming briefs, boys jammers or boys swimming shorts here!

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